The outcome of the vote on nomenclature

Susan Dutcher dutcher at beagle.Colorado.EDU
Mon Aug 29 14:07:45 EST 1994

Dear Chlamydomonas Community:

The votes have been tabulated and the outcome is below.  I would suggest that
we start to use our new nomenclature rules.

Susan Dutcher

1.  A three-letter designation followed by a number:
	In Favor          69
	Opposed	           0

2.  Omitting the hyphen between the acronym (letter) designation and the
    number (abc1)
	In Favor	  65
	Opposed	           3
  	Undecided	   1

3.  Pick one alternative:

	Designating locus in upper case letters
	In Favor	  48

	Designating locus in lower case letters
	In Favor	  20

	Optional	   1

4.  Pick one alternative:
	Designating wild-type allele in upper case letters
	In Favor	  54

	Designating wild-type allele in lower case letters with a superscript +
	In Favor	  13

	Undecided	   2

5.  Using d, r, and c to indicate dominant, recessive and codominant alleles,
    if known

	In Favor	  55
	Opposed		  12
	Undecided          2

6.  Use of the double colon and the inserting DNA to indicate an insertion 

	In Favor	  54
	Opposed		  10
 	  Optional	   5

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