Postdoctoral position in Versailles, France

David Tepfer tepfer at versailles.inra.fr
Mon Feb 14 02:35:30 EST 1994

Postdoctoral position in the Laboratoire de Biologie 
de la Rhizosphere, I.N.R.A., Versailles

The subject is the role of plant secondary metabolites in interactions between 
roots and their biotic environment. We will concentrate on a family of small 
molecules called calystegins, which are nutritional mediators of 
plant/bacterial associations  [Tepfer et al. (1988), J. Bacteriol. 170, 1153-
1161; Goldmann et al. (1990), Phytochemistry 29, 2125-2127]. 
Calystegins provide an exclusive carbon and nitrogen source to soil bacteria 
that can catabolize them, and they are potent glycosidase inhibitors [Molyneux 
et al. (1993), Arch Biochem Biophys 304, 81-88]. Research will involve 
plant genetic engineering, microbial ecology and genetics and collaborations 
with chemists. Applicants with experience in molecular biology are preferred. 
Salary: 10,000 to 13,000 FF per month; one year contract, renewable for a 
second year. Send C.V. and names of 3 referees to D. Tepfer, I.N.R.A., 78026 
Versailles Cedex, France. 

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