chloroplast transformation

erickson at biovx1.DNET.NASA.GOV erickson at biovx1.DNET.NASA.GOV
Wed Feb 16 21:19:25 EST 1994

Dear Colleague,
I am writing a chapter entitled Chloroplast transformation and
genetic engineering of chloroplast genes for a book that
Professors Don Ort and Charlie Yocum are editing on Oxygenic
Photosynthesis:  The Light Reactions. I would like this chapter
to present a  broad spectrum of recent research results as
well as technical information on the current status of
chloroplast transformation/engineering and future prospects
for this area of research.
I would greatly appreciate  receiving, in the next few weeks,
any recent reprints or preprints of work from your
laboratory that you feel could be included in such a chapter.
You may also pass this information on to a colleague who
might have results to contribute. Thanks very much for
your help.
Jeanne Erickson
Dept. of Biology
Los Angeles, CA 90024
fax: 310 206 3987
email: erickson at uclabio.bitnet

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