C. reinhardtii transformation w/ liposomes research

eckertd at OPUS.NCSSM.EDU eckertd at OPUS.NCSSM.EDU
Wed Feb 16 19:53:53 EST 1994

I don't know how many people will ever see this, but I'll give 
it a try.  I am attempting to transform C. reinhardtii Nit-1 
into a N2 fixer by using liposomes to insert the pMN 24 plasmid 
into its DNA.  I would like to know if anyone out there has done 
this, and if they have had any success.  I am only in high 
school, and not a very experienced researcher, so any help will 
be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

David Eckert
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

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