paul falkowski falkowsk at BNLUX1.BNL.GOV
Mon Feb 28 16:55:34 EST 1994

A NATO Advanced Study Institute on the Molecular Ecology of Aquatic Microbes

will be held 28 August - 9 September in Il Ciocco, Italy.  Principal Lectures

include: Farooq Azam, Henry Blackburn, Gunnar Bratbak,  Noel Carr, Paul Falkowski,

Steve Giovannoni, Ricardo Guerrero,  Jean Hommard, Ian Joint, Aaron Kaplan,

Paul Kemp,  Luigi Lazzara, Wolfgang Woffelhardt,  Nick Mann, Linda Medlin, Colin

Murrell, Colin Renyolds, Bo Reimann, Mel Simon, Daniel Vaulot, Bess Ward and 

Jon Zehr.  The objectives of the ASI is to evaluate the potential for molecular

biology to solve important questions in awautic microbiology,  particularly those

relating to biogeochemical cycling and microbial physiology.  The ASI is open

to anyone with experience in molecular ecology and to those who wish to apply 

molecular biology techniques to aquatic eoclogy research.  Those interested in

attending should contact Dr. Ian Joint,  ASI Director,  Plymouth Marine Laboratory, 

Prospect Place, The Hoe, Plymouth, PL1 3DH, United Kingdom.  Fax 44 -752-670637.

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