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Thu Jan 6 15:58:45 EST 1994

The Chlamydomonas Genetics Center now has the following "wild" strains. 
All are interfertile with laboratory strains of C. reinhardtii.  

The Quebec strains were isolated by Graham Bell's lab, and were described
on this newsgroup a few months ago.  

The two NC isolates came from soil in my own garden, collected in May 1991.
 Preliminary analysis of chloroplast DNA in our lab suggests they are
indeed different from the usual lab 137C strain, and tests by Patrick
Ferris and by Cliff Zeyl in Graham Bell's lab indicate that they lack the
Gulliver transposon.

CC-2931 C. reinhardtii mt-, Durham NC
CC-2932 C. reinhardtii mt+, Durham NC

CC-2935 C. reinhardtii, Quebec, LEE-1
CC-2936 C. reinhardtii, Quebec, LEE-2
CC-2937 C. reinhardtii, Quebec, LEE-3
CC-2938 C. reinhardtii, Quebec, LEE-4

Elizabeth Harris
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