Chlorophyll Analysis - Methods?

jboulton at TrentU.CA jboulton at TrentU.CA
Tue Jul 26 10:09:36 EST 1994


	I am looking for any suggestions on the best way to sample for 
Chlorophyll a.  I am looking at the amount of chlorophyll in a sand crust 
which was previously innoculated with different algae.  
	I have run across some problems trying to determine which is the 
best method (namely: solutuion) to use for breaking the cells which are 
bound to the sand grains.  I have been using DMSO4 + 90% acetone (1:4) 50 
ml blending in a waring blender for 4 min.s.  These are then filtered, and 
then analyzed for chlorophyll a.  
	The problem I am having (I think) is that during analysis, the 
volatile acetone isevaporating from the blank (control) cuvette, and thus 
changing the reference value of the test sample.  

	Any suggestions...  I have read two articles saying that DMSO4 + 
acetone is better and two that say that just acetone is accurate enough.  
Both have valid arguments and so I am at a loss as to which may be better.  

	Any suggestions or reference material would be of untold help... 
eel free to post to this newsgrp, or email me directly.

	Thanx in advance!

		J. Wayne
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