worm nomenclature

Fri Jul 29 18:23:10 EST 1994

I have a general ecological question about Clamydomonas. In 1974 Goff/Stein fro
m Santa Cruz wrote an article about the symbiotic value of this algae. The main
 point being that the green tinged egg masses of Ambystoma (Caudata +salamander
) was the Clamydomonas algae which utilized the extrametabolites (ammonium) of
the developing salamander embryo for its own metabolic use. This facilitated re
duction of ammonium from the egg masses increased survivorship of the salamande
r (excess ammonium is harmful to embryo within semi-permiable vitelline case).
It is a neat little system. But that was the last I heard of anything. Consider
ing your expertise...have you folks heard of anything since 1974 on this story.
There might be more in your literature about this interesting facet-symbiosis.
                        Thanx for any help- Tim

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