Fabien Nogue nogue at oxygene.versailles.inra.fr
Tue Jun 14 10:16:43 EST 1994

Hello, "chlamydomonas" people, I am a graduate student at Institut
National de la Recherche Agronomique de Versailles in France. The group I
am part of, directed by Dr M.  Laloue, works on the role and mode of
action of cytokinins using several different approaches (binding proteins,
uptake, mutants). The subject of my thesis is the identification of a
cytokinin receptor in the chloroplast using a radiolabeled photoactive
agonist of cytokinins. I have specifically photolabeled a 43 kDa peptide
localized in the thylakoid membrane of Pisum sativum chloroplasts. This
peptide is also present in the thylakoid membrane of Nicotiana
plumbaginifolia, Nicotiana tabacum and spinach, but is absent of the
chloroplast fraction of chlamydomonas reinhardtii. I have two questions : 
1- Cytokinins are responsible of chloroplast differentiation in plants,
can somebody give me informations on the putative action of cytokinins on
chlamydomonas ? 2- The ligand that I use for labeling is a urea
derivatives, and I wonder if it could react with the site of action of
herbicide molecules like Diuron. Is there different site of action for
herbicides like Diuron in chlamydomonas reinhardtii compare to plants ? 
Thank you for reading. 
Fabien, Nogue
Departement de Biologie cellulaire
78026 Versailles
Tel : (331) 30-83-35-46
Fax : (331) 30-83-30-99
e-mail : nogue at oxygene.versailles.inra.fr

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