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Robert A. Bloodgood rab4m at UVA.PCMAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU
Tue Jun 21 12:18:12 EST 1994

Subject: Re: exercises for high school students

     Lib Harris and Bill Snell asked about lab exercises on Chlamydomonas for
use by high school teachers and the problem of visualizing the flagella in
bright field microscopes.  There is a very nice laboratory writeup on
Chlamydomonas flagellar regeneration in "A Manual of Laboratory Exercises in
Cell Biology" by C. Edward Gasque (1989, William C. Brown, Dubuque, Iowa). 
Experiment 8C (pages 263-267).  This is an exceptional lab manual and this is
an excellent writeup because it is very detailed (has references and
description of how to do the write up of the experiement.  At each time point
during regeneration, the students put three drops of Chlamy culture into a
labeled vial containing three drops of Lugol's iodine, which fixes the cells
and stains the flagella so that measurements can be made in the bright field
microscope (must be measured within 24 hours.  The lab exercise has a million
variations that allow students to test effects of various reagents on
flagellar regeneration.  If there are individuals who can't find this book
and want me to mail them a copy, please let me know.

                        Regards,  Bob Bloodgood
                                  RAB4m at Virginia.edu

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