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Charlene Forest asked:

>Has any decision been made (and who will make the decision) about gene
>names in "Chlamy"? I had the feeling that opinions tended to favor
>keeping the 3 letter, lower case designations for genes. What about the
>dash? Will we hear anything more on the net? Personally I would hate to
>see changes without a strong justification. Thanks. Charlene

I don't think a formal consensus was reached. A summary of the posts I
received runs approximately as follows:

generally opposed to capital letters, either for dominant alleles
(insufficient information on nearly all genes) or for wild types ("why
change the present system" was the main objection)

neutral on hyphens or not - there were some comments in favor and some
against, but no one seemed to be passionate on this issue

general agreement on three-letter codes with the proviso that this is not a
hard and fast rule, and that old favorites like ac and pf will be kept as

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at

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