Ag Biotech Info has moved!

Daniel M. Cabirac cabirac at yorick.umd.edu
Wed Jun 29 15:30:43 EST 1994


The gopher files of the BIOTECHNOLOGY INFORMATION CENTER have moved!

This rich source of Ag. Biotech. information is still located on the 
University of Maryland's Inform Gopher, but in a new spot.  

Please note the new access info:

gopher(or telnet) inform.umd.edu
      -Educational Resources
            -Agricultural Resources
                  -Biotechnology Information Center

For gopher builders, WWW gurus and other wizards, the link info:

Name=Biotechnology Information Center
Admin=inforM Editor <inform-editor at umail.umd.edu>
ModDate=Mon Jun 13 13:49:52 1994 <19940613134952>
URL: gopher://info.umd.edu:901/11/inforM/Educational_Resources/AgriculturalRes

A brief description of the many Ag. Biotech materials on our gopher:

                **TRANSGENIC ANIMALS(newly updated)**     
         **COMMERCIALIZATION AND ECONOMIC ASPECTS(newly updated)**     
              **LEGISLATION AND REGULATION(newly updated)**
                        **PATENTING ISSUES**
                        **TRANSGENIC TOMATO**
                    **BST-BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE**
                       **BIOTECHNOLOGY OF ALGAE**
                          **BIOTECH VIDEOS**
                       **BIOTECH NEWSLETTERS**                      
        **AND many more files, and links to 12 other Ag Biotech Gophers

The Biotechnology Information Center, an information center of the
USDA-National Agricultural Library, has developed a rich source of current
Biotechnology-related information available via Internet. 

The files at the site include bibliographies composed primarily of
citations from scientific journals and some popular periodicals (many with
abstracts), on subjects ranging from public perception to gene expression
in crops and fungi.  In addition, several miscellaneous publications
dealing with biotechnology meetings, directories and audio-visuals are
also available.  Numerous links to other biotechnology-related gophers
have also been included. 

If you prefer to access the documents via FTP, follow the same path as the 
one listed above.

If you have only email access, talk to your Internet provider about 
"FTPmail," a method of accessing these files via email.  Many of the 
current books about Internet also describe FTPmail.  

Please send us your questions and comments.

Complimentary copies of the printed bibliographies are available from BIC 
by contacting us at the address below. 

| Biotechnology Information Center (BIC)         voice1: (301)-504-5947     |
| National Agricultural Library - USDA           voice2: (301)-504-5340     |
| 10301 Baltimore Blvd.                             fax: (301)-504-7098     | 
| Beltsville, MD  20705-2351 USA                 e-mail:biotech at nalusda.gov |
| Daniel Cabirac                                        biotech at nalusda.gov |
| Ray Dobert                                            rdobert at nalusda.gov |

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