fragile membrane?

Carrie Schneider carries at NREL.NREL.GOV
Thu Mar 3 13:06:45 EST 1994

Peter Luykx writes:
Here's a speculation: the inability to grow with stirring is most immediately
an effect of a deficient CELL WALL rather than directly owing to a fragile    
plasma membrane itself...

This is certainly possible. But here are some more details: the colonies are
smaller on agar, but they look the same as wild type; the cell wall may
be affected, but it is not severely damaged, because the cells are still
difficult to grind up for protein preps.(the wild type is a small, very 
tough cell with unknown cell wall composition.) This seems to indicate that 
the cell wall is not the source of the fragility, although it could be damaged
in such a way that causes physiological problems, while not actually 
disrupting the wall structure completely.

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