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                            I S E P - 1 0

                        Tenth biennial meeting
          International Society for Evolutionary Protistology

                           4-10 August 1994
                         Dalhousie University
                      Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

                  Registration deadline:  1 July 1994
            On-campus accommodations deadline:  4 July 1994

The ISEP-10 Second (Final) Circular, with detailed information on
registration, housing and the scientific programme, is now being mailed
to all members of ISEP, and to everyone who replied to our earlier
publicity.  The ISEP-10 Secretariat will be pleased to send a copy of the
Second Circular to others upon request.

Special minisymposia, workshops and lectures at ISEP-10 will include:

   Aquatic parasitic and pathogenic protists  (4 August)
   Keynote lecture:  John O. Corliss  (5 August)
   The cytoskeleton in protist evolution: a molecular perspective (5 Aug)
   President's address:  Michael Melkonian  (8 August)
   Protein sequences as markers in protist evolution  (9 August)
   Evolution of unusual molecular processes in protists  (10 August)
   The origin of sex  (10 August)

As well, contributed papers and posters will cover diverse topics
including the origin of the eukaryotic cell, the protistan fossil
record, mitosis, new and unusual protists, and phylogenetic methods.

Confirmed speakers include D. Bhattacharya, E.U. Canning, T. Cavalier-
Smith, A.D. Cembella, W.F. Doolittle, J. Feagin, L.J. Goff, M.W. Gray,
R.B. Hallick, D. Hickey, L. Hurst, M.L. Kent, L.F. Landweber, J. Lom,
L. Margulis, W. Martin, D. Maslov, D.I. Meyer, P.A.M. Michels,
C.A. Morrison, S. McGladdery, M. Mueller, J. Pawlowski, F.O. Perkins,
D.M. Prescott, R.J. Redfield, A. Roger, J.W. Schopf, C. Silflow,
J. Steinkoetter, and C. Woestmann among many others.

On-campus housing is available at a very reasonable rate.  An opening
buffet/mixer will be held at the oceanfront Saraguay Club on the evening
of 4 August.  The conference banquet will be held at the Halifax Sheraton,
overlooking the historic downtown waterfront, on the evening of 8 August.

Touristic and scientific excursions are planned for Sunday, 7 August.
The extremely popular International Buskers Festival will be held
throughout downtown Halifax from 4-14 August.

The final day of ISEP-10 (Wednesday, 10 August) is also the first day of
the 1994 meeting of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research's Program
in Evolutionary Biology.  The two groups will meet jointly.

ISEP is a small but intellectually vigorous interdisciplinary soceity
bringing together all scientists interested in evolution and phylogeny of
the organisms traditionally known as protozoa, algae and fungi.  Non-
members are encouraged to attend and participate.  For further information,
contact the ISEP-10 Secretariat at:

   fax:  902-426-9413
   e-mail:  mark at imb.Lan.nrc.ca
   snail mail:  ISEP-10 Secretariat c/o Mark Ragan
                NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences
                1411 Oxford Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA  B3H 3Z1

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