Request: chlamy genomic DNA (small amt)

jimw at uncvx1.oit.unc.edu jimw at uncvx1.oit.unc.edu
Thu Nov 3 13:02:28 EST 1994

	I and another lab worker are working on the cloning of two nuclear-
encoded chloroplast factors from Euglena Gracilis.  We are now in the 
process of comparing our genes to those of other plants.  The first step
is doing a Southeragainst other plant's genomic DNAs.  We have selected
arabidopsis and chlamydamonas.  Fortunately, a local lab on campus has
offered us some arabidopsis DNA.  
	We are requesting some genomic DNA from chlamydamonas for a Southern.
We only anticipate needing enough DNA for 2-3 lanes, as our experiment will
be simple.  We would greatly appreciate any lab that would be willing to
donate this small amount of DNA.  Thanks a lot in advance!  :)

Jim Ward
Nan Jun Yu

Graduate Students, UNC
Chemistry Dept., Biological Division
jimw at uncvx1.oit.unc.edu

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