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Research Positions Available
for Graduate Study

Cell Motility and Cellular Physiology

Research positions are available for several graduate students in
the laboratory of Dr. Anthony Moss at Auburn University, Auburn,
Alabama.  All positions deal with our understanding of the basic
biochemistry of ciliary and eukaryotic flagellar beating. 
Methods include microscopical techniques, both at the light
(including video-enhanced differential interference contrast
microscopy, digitally enhanced fluorescence microscopy, and
confocal laser scanning microscopy) and electron microscopical
level, classical biochemical approaches, including a wide variety
of protein biochemistry methods, and modern molecular biochemical
methods.  Biochemistry and molecular research is underway using
Chlamydomonas, sea urchin, and vertebrate tracheal cilia and
sperm tail flagella.  The physiology of ciliary beating is also
under study by electrophysiological approaches, including study
of neurociliary pathways in simple invertebrates, study of the
electrical properties of cilia, and patch-clamp analysis of
ciliary calcium channels.

Research activity and support within the Department is growing
steadily.  The Department is a vital, growing concern with
several new faculty and is well-supported with all necessary
equipment for modern cellular biology and physiology,
biochemistry, and molecular biological studies.  Collaboration
within and outside the Department, and with neighboring
laboratories at nearby Universities is encouraged.  Some work
requires field collection of research animals at the Gulf Coast.

Support is currently available from two granting sources for 2-3
graduate students at the M.S. and Ph.D. level for 3 years
depending on experience and course load requirements for program
of study.  Interested students should immediately contact Dr.
Moss directly.  Women and minority students are particularly
encouraged to apply.  

Anthony G. Moss, Ph.D.
Zoology and Wildlife Sciences
101 Cary Hall                       tel. (205)844-9257 
Auburn University                         fax. (205)844-9234
Auburn AL  36849                          email:mossant at mail.auburn.edu

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