SiC transformation

dunahayt at TCPLINK.NREL.GOV dunahayt at TCPLINK.NREL.GOV
Mon Sep 19 16:04:11 EST 1994

     I have received several requests for recent information on 
     transformation of Chlamydomonas with silicon carbide whiskers.  I have 
     not worked on this project since I published an article in 
     Biotechniques last year.  Is anyone out there using silicon carbide 
     whiskers to transform Chlamydomonas?  What is the source of your 
     fibers?  I sent a notice that Alfa Aesar was selling SiC commercially, 
     and I did one experiment with their whiskers (they worked but gave a 
     low transformation frequency), but haven't gone back and tested them 
     rigorously.  I would love to hear if any one else is using these or 
     any other "brand" of SiC with good results (or any results).  Please 
     drop me a note (you can send it to me personally so the net won't get 
     cluttered) and I will collate and send out any info I receive.
     Thanks for your help.
     Terri Dunahay
     National Renewable Energy Lab
     Golden, CO
     e-mail: dunahayt at tcplink.nrel.gov

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