Pale Chalmydomonas in TAP in semi-dark?

Nicholas Bertos Nicholas at bio1.lan.mcgill.ca
Thu Aug 31 14:46:02 EST 1995

I've got a question about what Chlamy (UTEX 90, a wild-type) is supposed to 
look like when it is grown in Tris-acetate-phosphate medium (recipe from 
Chlamy handbook) at about 250 lux/20 foot-candles. Mine are rather diffcult 
to grow; growth is very slow and the cells appear yellowish-pale green 
rather than the usual darker green. When looking at these cells under the 
electron microscope, the thylakoids were extremely reduced and there were 
starch granules all over the place. 

According to Dr. Wollman, my Chlamys are mutated/drifted from wt to a 
phenotype resembling y-1 light-only greening mutants. Since I've gotten the 
same result with two batches that I ordered from UTEX, I'm not sure if this 
is what happened, or maybe if the original stock culture at UTEX may have 
drifted. Is there any other possibility for the strange appearance of these 
Chlamys? Thanks in advance for any help!

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