Algal reproductive strategies

Ursula Goodenough ursula at BIODEC.WUSTL.EDU
Tue Dec 19 20:19:52 EST 1995

Asexual reproduction in haploids probably generates more diversity than 
sexual reproduction, using good ol' mutation, since you don't have to keep 
reshuffling your deck all the time so a variant can go ahead and form a 
clone of variants without further ado.  Bacteria, e.g. seem to have 
managed quite nicely this way; sexuality actually buffers 
diversity.  An excellent book to read on this topic is S.M. Stanley, 
Macroevolution, 1979, Freeman, the chapter on sexual life cycles.  The 
important innovation that sexual organisms seem to have come up with to 
generate diversity is speciation.  __ Ursula Goodenough

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