post-doctoral positions

Sabeeha Merchant sxm at ARGON.CHEM.UCLA.EDU
Tue Feb 14 20:25:03 EST 1995

Three post-doctoral positions are available in my laboratory to study 1)
Cu-responsive gene expression in Chlamydomonas in the context of adaptation
to Cu-deficiency and the assembly of the photosynthetic apparatus, and 2)
cytochrome biogenesis with an emphasis on the isolation of genes involved in
the specification of cofactor-apoprotein assembly. To learn more about the
projects, see Merchant et al., The EMBO J. (1991) 10:1383; Hill and
Merchant, The EMBO J. (1995) in press (March); Howe and Merchant, The EMBO
J. (1992) 11: 2789; J. Biol. Chem. 269: 5284; Molecular General Genetics
(1995) 246: in press (Jan/Feb). Applicants should have formal education and
research experience in biochemistry, molecular biology or genetics (or a
related discipline). Inquiries including a CV, list of publications,
relevant reprints, and letters of recommendation may be directed to Sabeeha
Merchant, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA, 405 Hilgard
Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1569. 
Sabeeha Merchant
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1569
310-825-8300 (tel)
310-206-1035 (fax)

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