Hemagglutinin antibodies

Ramesh Errabolu errabolu at maxwell.mayo.edu
Fri Jan 13 21:58:37 EST 1995

Hai I am a graduate student developing some expression system in
Chlamydomonas. I am intending to attach an epitope for the protein
so that I could follow the cell cycle behavior of this protein. One
strong contender is Hemagglutinin. This is a short peptide to which 
antibody has been developed and also shown to work in the Chlamydomonas

The following is the sequence of the peptide (HA1 75-110)

Y P Y D V P D Y A    nonamer

An antibody to this peptide was developed by Jeffrey Field and has
been published in Mol & Cell Biol of 1988 vol8 No5 p 2159-2165.

This epitope was chosen the above author based on the work of 

Green et al 	Cell 1982  28 : 477-487

Niman et al 	PNAS 1983  80 : 4949-4953

Wilson et al	Cell 1984  37 : 767-778


The reason I am posting is if anybody on the net knew of a commercial
source for antibodies against hemagglutinin and it's epitopes. I would
be greatful if I could find a commercial source. Thank you very much.

errabolu at mayo.edu

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