Chlamy database for Mac

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Tue Jan 24 19:08:51 EST 1995

The pilot version of the Chlamy database in its Macintosh incarnation is
now available on the Chlamy server at Duke (ftp.duke.edu, directory
pub/chlamy/MacChlamy).  This databases uses the MacAce adaptation of ACEDB,
by Frank Eeckman, Cyrus Harmon and Richard Durbin.  The Chlamy information
is identical to that in the Unix version already posted to the National
Agricultural Library server and the World Wide Web version there, part of
the Plant Genome project.  If you missed the announcements on these, please
let me know.

The file on the server includes three versions of the program:
MacAce.68k for Macintosh 68030 and 68040 (Quadra) computers; MacAce.ppc for
Power Macintoshes; and a combined version, MacAce.fat. The authors
recommend using the latter if space is not at a premium.  I'm running the
Power Mac version myself, and it works fine.

When unstuffed, the program plus database occupies about 13 mb, and it
requires a minimum of 16 mb RAM to run.  Thus you'll need a high-end Mac to
make it work.

Installation should just be a matter of getting the archive by ftp and
unstuffing.  If you encounter problems, please shout for help to the e-mail
address below.  Also, I'd like to hear from anyone who installs it,
problems or no.

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at acpub.duke.edu

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