desperate for kirromycin

Dawne Vernon vernon.16 at
Thu Jul 27 12:45:26 EST 1995

     Does anyone have any kirromycin that we might use/borrow?
     I've been trying to get some from Sigma since May, but its release
date has been postponed 3 times.  Now it's supposed to be available in
     I'd like to do an experiment before then that needs gram amounts of
kirromycin.  The experiment would involve spreading single-celled algae on
kirromycin-containing agar in petri dishes to select for
kirromycin-resistant mutants that may have mutations in the tufA gene.
     Assuming we can eventually get kirromycin from Sigma, we could pay you
back with a fresh batch of the antibiotic.
     Please reply via email.
                                 Dawne Vernon
                    (laboratory of C. W. Birky Jr., Ohio State University)

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