replica plating

Rik Eggen eggen at hermes.eawag.ch
Thu Jun 8 04:10:14 EST 1995

Dear Chlamydomonas researchers,

We are currently trying to isolate arg7 transformants that are sensitive
towards various toxic compounds that give rise to a redox or oxidative
stress. In this process we encounter the problem to create nice
reproducible replica plates on which the individual colonies can be seen,
particularly on multiple replicas of the same plate.

Has anyone experience with this and could give us some hints and advice?
Has anyone experience with a stamp device to transfer isolated
transformants from a microtiterplate onto an agarplate?

Thanks in advance,

Rik Eggen,

Swiss Federal Institute for Science and Technology,
Ueberlandstrasse 133
CH-8600 Duebendorf
Tel: +41-1-823-5320 or 5260
Fax: +41-1-823-5547

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