cell walls

Price, Carl A price at OCELOT.RUTGERS.EDU
Tue Jun 13 08:47:49 EST 1995

Klein, Chen & Gibbs (Plant Physiol. 72:481-, 488-, 1983) described the removal
of cell walls for the isolation of photosynthetically active chloroplasts.
Mendiola-Morgenthaler, Leu & Boschetti (Plant Science 38:33-39, 1985) used
mutants lacking cell walls to the same end.

To: chlamydomonas at net.bio.net
From: Emma Berta Gutierrez on Mon 12 Jun 1995 19:44
Subject: help again

Hi again, this is Ember Gutierrez with a new problem! We want to isolate 
DNA from Chlamy wild-5type, could anybody tell us how to get rid of the 
cell wall? Thanks in advance for your help!.

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