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International Symposium on Plant DNA and Preservation and
Biotechnology of Algae Forum
Lake San Marcos Resort and Convention Center
San Diego, CA  September 17-20, 1995

Richard Dana, Project Green Gene
Stephen Heller, Jerome Miksche, and Henry Shands, U.S.D.A
Harold Koopowitz, University of California
Eric Roos, Colorado State University
Jonathan Sherman and Jason Frank, MicroForest
Charles Simon, National Plant Germplasm System

Preliminary Schedule of Invited Speakers:

Sunday, September 17
         Registration, set-up posters and exhibits
         View Posters and Exhibits
         Workshop: Plant and Yeast Expression Systems
         Welcome Reception 
       SESSION I:  Welcome, DNA and Plant Preservation

         Plant Extinction, Harold Koopowitz, Univ of Calif, Irvine
         A New DNA Bank,  Richard Dana, Project Green Gene
         New Rapid Methods of DNA Sequencing

Monday, September 18
         View Posters, Exhibits 

       SESSION II:  DNA, Needs for the Future  

         DNA Analysis, David Schwartz, New York Univ
         PCR, RT-PCR, RAPD, Ben Matthews
         Long-PCR, Wayne Barnes, Washington Univ
         PCR Devices, M. Allen Northrup, Livermore National Lab
         Non-amplified in vivo technologies,  Jeffrey Miller, IVS Tech
         Gene Cloning, Expression, Michael Saghbini, BIO 101, Inc. 
         The 2-Hybrid System and its Applications,  Li Zhu,           
         Poster presentations 
       SESSION III:  DNA - Purification, Analysis, Preservation

         DNA Isolation and Preservation, Wm Thompson NCSU
         Chloroplast DNA Isolation                
         RNA Isolation, cDNA libraries, Ron Sederoff, NC State
         Molecular Genetic Analysis, Peter Gresshoff, Univ of Tenn
         Workshops: Genomic DNA

       SESSION IV:  Germplasm and Tissue Preservation

         USDA Programs, Eric Roos, Colorado State
         National Plant Germplasm System, Chuck Simon, Richard
           Hannan, USDA, Wash. State Univ.
         Botanical Garden Seed Exchange Program, Ned Garvey,           
Quail Gardens, Encinitas
         Callus Culture Preservation, Jason Frank, MicroForest
         Cryogenic Systems of Preservation, Leigh Towill, Ft.           
         Biodiversity Research Institute

Tuesday, September 19th
       SESSION V:  Genome Databases,  Databases for Plants

         World Wide Web, Internet, Taxonomy, Doug Bigwood
         Workshop:  PCR Techniques, Digital Imaging, Sequence-
           Based Protein Design
       SESSION VI:  DNA and Germplasm Preservation

         Medicinal Plants, Arabidopsis, Aquaculture, Herbs,           
Wildflowers, Rainforest Species, Trees, 
           Arctic Tundra, Ornamentals, Ferns, Mosses, 
           Liverworts, Algae, Cacti, Agricultural Crops

         SESSION VII:  International Cooperative Programs

           Promotion of Access to Agricultural Biotechnology for
             Developing Nations, Judith Chambers, U.S. Agency for 
             International Development
           Biodiversity Research                                   
           International Exchange of DNA, Germplasm, Seeds, Perry
             Cregan, USDA
           Interfacing Industry/Biotech/Government/Academia, Laura 
Wednesday, September 20th

         SESSION VIII:  New Crops, Drugs, and Products from         
Genetic Engineering

           Expression of Heterologous Protein in Tobacco and              
        Alfalfa, Mich Heim, Scripps Research Inst, La Jolla

         SESSION IX:  Biotechnology of Algae Forum

           Algal Expression Systems
           Algal Molecular Genetics
           New Research Areas in Algal Biotechnology
           Algal DNA/RNA Isolation, Richard Dana, Green Gene
           Improved Techniques and Equipment in Laboratory and            
    Pilot-Scale Cultivation of Microalgae, Jason Frank,             
           Algal cDNA Libraries
           Novel Methods, Techniques in Algal Genetics
           Biodiversity of Algae
           Forced Mutation Methods in Algae


Abstracts and papers will be published in the Proceedings and Methods
Manual and reported in The Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, Carl Price,
Editor, Rutgers University

Send abstracts to: Jonathan Sherman   jonthn at aol.com
A mailing address will be provided upon request.


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