Is Tris a potential nitrogen source ?

Xavier Reboud reboud at epoisses.inra.fr
Wed May 3 07:14:41 EST 1995

Dear netters,
I'm trying to use Chlamy as a biotest to measure
nitrogen level in soil samples. Two questions :

Does anyone know if Tris(hydroxymethyl)amino-methane (that we could
use in our media as a pH buffer) may be a potential nitrogen source
for Chlamy ?
Is there any buffer containing no nitrogen (except H2KPO4/HK2PO4)
available to maintain the pH at acceptable values
for a correct growth ?
Dr. Xavier REBOUD
Laboratoire de Malherbologie, INRA, BV 1540, 21034, Dijon, France
Tel 33 80 63 31 84
Fax 33 80 63 32 62

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