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> Hi!  Could anybody advise me on the kind of hemocytometer that  is usually
> used to count Chlamy?
> Thanks. Mike
> Paul Furbacher
> ..Dr. Paul Furbacher
> ..Dept. of Biological Sciences
> ..Purdue University
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I use a Coulter model ZBI electronic cell counter, originally designed for
counting blood cells.  I've changed the electrolyte medium from
physiological saline (0.9%, appropriate for counting blood) to a more
dilute NaCl concentration 0.3% (w/v), and I add 0.02% Na-azide to prevent
bacterial growth.  I've used this apparatus for many years for counting
various unicellular eukaryotic bugs (Chlamy, Euglena, Chlorella,
Cyanidium, Dictyostelium) as well as cyanobacteria.  The only drawback is
that the machine is wicked expensive to buy.  I was fortunate to get mine
for free several years ago through the government surplus equipment
program.  It was not working, and it was apparently cheaper for some VA
hospital to buy a new one than to repair this one.

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