method of labeling de novo protein

Kyouko Watanabe 64l129 at CFI.WASEDA.AC.JP
Thu May 18 02:48:42 EST 1995

    Now I am using auxtrophic strain, detecting the newly synthesized protein 
induced by oxidative stress by labeling arginine with 14C. But in this way, 
cells are given arginine stress, and it is the oxidative stress I would 
like to see . 
    If there is a method that i can use wild type strains instead, I think it
will work out better. So if anybody can give me some advice, I would
appreciate it. 
And, also if there's an established method using the arginine auxtrophic strain,
(ex. the time & concentration of 14C labelled arginine uptake,the ratio of 
labelled and non labelled arginine) it will be very helpful.  

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