address updates, German postal codes

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Fri May 26 10:01:43 EST 1995

In updating the Chlamydomonas database, I've noticed that I have only the
old postal codes for many of our German colleagues.  I'd appreciate it if
you could send in your revisions.  Thanks to Stefan Fabry and Udo
Johanningmeier, I already have the new codes for Regensburg and Freiburg,
so those of you in those cities do not need to reply.

If there's anyone else who would like to make a revision, please send it along!

Also, I'd like to start building the "Laboratory" file, which contains
short historical sketches of Chlamy labs.  The Boynton-Gillham group and
the Chlamydomonas Genetics Center are already on it, and Stefan Fabry has
sent me a nice description of his lab, which will appear on the server in a
few days.  Please take a look at what's there, and send me yours!

Just a reminder, the database can be reached by World Wide Web at


This is the AGIS (National Agricultural Library) Plant Genome database.  Select

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ChlamyDB--Chlamydomonas reinhardtii,

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and you'll be in our section.

If you don't have WWW access, you can get the same information in a
text-only format by gopher to gopher.duke.edu (Duke University, select
Chlamydomonas Genetics Center).

Send your updates to

chlamy at acpub.duke.edu


Elizabeth Harris

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