BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at NET.BIO.NET
Sat Oct 14 18:21:32 EST 1995

We are doing some important clean-up work on our older mailing lists
that were established before we adopted the majordomo list management
software a few years back.  This mailing list is one of the ones
affected by this work.  The changes do not affect the parallel USENET
newsgroup associated with this mailing list.

So that the e-mail subscription routines will be consistent for all of
the BIOSCI mailing lists at net.bio.net, we are adopting the
convention that the <= 8 character e-mail address for each mailing
list will be the text that is used in the "subscribe" and
"unsubscribe" commands sent to biosci-server at net.bio.net.

This message only affects e-mail users who signed up on the mailing
lists at the U.S. BIOSCI node at net.bio.net.  All others can ignore
the remaining details below.  Please note that the UK BIOSCI node uses
different mailing list management software which incorporates the
bionet USENET newsgroup name in the SUB command, e.g.,
    sub bionet-news.bionet.jobs.offered.  
UK BIOSCI subscribers should ignore the following info.

The old server commands for this newsgroup were

subscribe chlamydomonas
unsubscribe chlamydomonas

The NEW server commands are

subscribe chlamy
unsubscribe chlamy

PLEASE DO NOT send these commands to the mailing list address. You
will bother everyone on the list and not get yourself added to the
list.  All subscribe and unsubscribe commands for the Americas and
Pacific Rim country BIOSCI list users should be addressed to
biosci-server at net.bio.net.  BIOSCI readers in Europe, Africa and
Central Asia should use the U.K. BIOSCI node (please contact
biosci at daresbury.ac.uk for details).

If your address is on the U.S. BIOSCI mailing list for this newsgroup,
please save this message for future reference.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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