Super Green - Scam or Real Deal???

Alan Gamble 74443.2760 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Sep 14 07:20:05 EST 1995

My recent girlfriend is a green algae fanatic. She thinks it is 
this magical elixir that can do no wrong. When I look at the 
bottle for nutrient value, however, I find no vitamin or mineral 
content at all to speak of. Further, when I hear about its 
pyramid marketing scheme, its subsequent price and listen to the 
tapes they use for marketing with their "cure-all" messages, my 
skeptical side rears up.

If this is in fact a newsgroup dealing with the scientific side 
of the thing, what is the real deal. If you respond, please don't 
give me a sales pitch.....I'm looking for the cold hard facts as 
born out thru solid research.

Thanks for your time


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