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The Phycological Society of America has established a subscription
 list on the Internet using ListServ at Colorado State University
 to facilitate conducting society related business and other functions
 among its members. Only PSA members were included in the initial
 subscription list, and this initial subscription list contains all
 PSA members for whom correct E-mail addresses are known. The Executive
 Committee decided at this year's meeting that memberhsip on this
 list will not be restricted to PSA members and non-members are welcome
 to join. The PSA list is intended to facilitate communication among
 members in conducting society business more efficiently and to promote
 interactions among members by sending announcements, requests for
 abstracts, job opportunities, new book descriptions, news of colleagues,
 informational questions, registration information and forms for
 meetings, and possibly abstracts of the annual meeting.  Currently
 there are more than 590 members on our list. Approximately 280 PSA
 members also subscribe to Algae-L, so there is some redundancy.
 However, membership is not obligatory, and any member can subscribe
 or unsubscribe at any time by following the simple instructions
 provided in the information section of this message.  Instructions
 on sending messages are also provided.  Please save these instructions
 for future reference. The list is not moderated (censored), therefore
 some self restraint should be exercised in your comments and replies.

ListServ is a computer program which provides a mechanism for distributing
 mail messages to a group of people sharing a common interest.  Furthermore,
 ListServ distribution lists are an effective way to manage dynamic
 mailing lists of a large number of recipients.  Once a list is established
 anyone on the list can send a message and thus this service becomes
 interactive. List subscribers have a convenient way to make announcements,
 to poll members about a certain topic, to ask questions, to promote
 events, books or new products, or to participate in any discussions
 regarding a topic proposed by any member.

If you know of any PSA members or non-members who have e-mail but
 may not be subscribers to this list, we would appreciate your cooperation
 by informing these individuals  about our list and how they can


1.  Subscribing.  Send an E-mail message to:

                ListServ at ColoState.EDU

 Your e-mail message does not need a subject, it must be in
 the body of the message and contain only one line as follows.

                subscribe PSA firstname lastname
        For example:

                subscribe PSA Jane Doe

2.  Unsubscribing. Send an E-mail message to:

                ListServ at ColoState.EDU

 Your e-mail message does not need a subject, it must be in
 the body of the message and contain only one line as follows:

                unsubscribe PSA

3.  Sending messages.  If you want to send a message to all subscribers
 of the list, send a message to :

                PSA at ColoState.EDU

 If you need to know whether your message was sent, and you wish to
 receive a copy of the message, you can add yourself as a cc: recipient
 to messages you send.

4.  Responses to messages

 When you respond to a message, respond only to the person who sent
 the message, not ListServ or PSA.  If you merely specify Reply,
 then everyone on the list will receive your message.  So please
 be considerate and do not burden the entire listing with a response
 meant only for one person.

5.  Problems.  If you have any problems or questions, you may contact
 Paul Kugrens, who is the manager of this list.  His e-mail address
 will always be listed in the heading.

6.  If your E-mail address has changed or is different from the one that is on the Listserv, contact Paul Kugrens and he will make the change for you. 

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