Augustine Okonko aokonko at jupiter.calstatela.edu
Mon Sep 25 01:11:48 EST 1995

 Hi everyone, my name is Augustine and I am writing because about a while ago someone posted an article asking about how to grow chlamydomonas cell, if he/she was using the right medium, etc. Anyway I was about to finish my answer to his/her article when I suddenly sent a follow up that I didn't finish. So I am saying  whoever that article belongs to, if you aknowledge my follow up please ignore it.

And to answer your question, first of all I am  a student at California State University Los Angeles and  it was just recently ago that I did mine research presentation based on the topic "The Growing Of Chlamydomonas  Wild Type And Chlamydomonas Sensitive Strains Using Ultra Violet Irradiation. Anyway when I grew my cells first I used ingredients such as sodium acetate, trace element, bacto agar, and water. For one thing to clarify this, I don't know what your research objective is. My answer is based on 
the assumption that maybe you are using these ingredients that I have just mentioned, but I am not sure. Anyway I hope that my little  answer can help. And incase you are doing  something related to what I did, you may want to e-mail me and I may get a better chance to convey to you what I used  when I grew my own cell. THANKS

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