A query on zygote busting:

bjrao at tifrvax.tifr.res.in bjrao at tifrvax.tifr.res.in
Mon Apr 22 09:31:09 EST 1996

Dear Chlamy folks:

        I would appreciate info on methods that have been tried out
on busting the chlamy zygote cell-wall. Both methods that have been
unsuccessful as well as those that have been partially successful will be
very useful because we want to try out some more methods in this
direction. Our main interest is do molecular biology of meiotic regulation
in Chlamy and hence we need this information. I would also appreciate
any preprints/reprints relevant on these lines. I'll get in touch after I
hear the responses in the net-work.

        Thanks in advance for your responses:  BJRao

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