aberrant segregation of mt

Mon Apr 22 21:08:45 EST 1996

We have found that strain CC-421 of C. reinhardtii yields aberrant sex 
ratios in genetic crosses: many tetrads emerge that are 3 minus: 1 plus 
and some are 4 minus: 0 plus.  This outcome is caused by the presence of 
an extra copy of the minus-dominance (mid) gene, normally single-copy in 
the mt- locus, translocated to some other chromosome in the CC-421 
genome; CC-421 is mt- in any case, but when it is crossed, mt+ cells that 
also inherit this autosome are converted from plus to minus.  The "421 
element", moreover, is often lost from the plus/minus meiotic products as 
they divide, generating clones that are functionally homothallic.

We are writing this material up for publication, and it occurs to us that 
conceivably someone has in the past noticed this phenomenon, either in 
the 421 strain itself or, even more interesting, in some other strain.  
If this rings any kind of bell, however indistinct, we would very much 
like to hear from you.  Thanks!     

Patrick Ferris, or

Ursula Goodenough
ursula at biodec.wustl.edu

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