Announcement: Second NSF PEET Special Competition

Charles J. O'Kelly cokelly at nsf.gov
Sun Dec 15 10:10:34 EST 1996

Apologies for crosspostings.

The Systematic Biology program of the National Science Foundation
announces a second Special Competition, Partnerships for Enhancing
Expertise in Taxonomy (PEET), to support competitively reviewed
research projects that target groups of poorly known organisms.
Projects must encourage the training of new generations of taxonomists
and translate current expertise into electronic databases and other
formats with broad accessibility to the scientific community.

The relevant brochure is NSF97-21, available online at
ftp://stis.nsf.gov/nsf9721.txt (ASCII format) and
http://www.nsf.gov/nsf/nsfpubs/nsf9721/nsf9721.pdf (PDF format).

Print copies may be obtained by contacting:

     Division of Environmental Biology (PEET)
     National Science Foundation, room 635
     4201 Wilson Boulevard
     Arlington, VA 22230
     703-306-1481; fax: 703-306-0367
     e-mail: sysrev at nsf.gov

A one-page synopsis of the PEET competition is being circulated to
interested societies for posting on Web pages, electronic newsletters,
and the like.  A copy may be viewed now at

Further information on the PEET program, including information on
the activities of current awardees, may be obtained at:
http://www.keil.ukans.edu/~peet (this site is subject to frequent updates,
and may possibly change its address on the Kansas computer).

The deadline for postmarking submissions to this competition is
1 March 1997.

best wishes for the holiday season, charley


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   email: cokelly at nsf.gov
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