Cell size

Elena Govorunova t2814 Elena.Govoru at vkl.uni-regensburg.de
Wed Feb 21 14:45:26 EST 1996

Dear Chlamy people!
I would greatly appreciate your advice concerning the following 
problem. I am involved in electrophysiological studies of 
photosensory transduction in Chlamy. We use a whole-cell suction 
pipette technique, which means that the amplitude of the measured 
electric signal is proportional to the cell size.
For our measurements, we convert cells of CW2 strain grown on agar 
plates to gamets by overnight incubation in a low salt liquid 
medium. The gamets appear to be very diverse in size and a fraction 
of the bigger ones in particular preparation is hardly predictable. 
Are there any ways to promote an increase in the cell size in 
Chlamydomonas culture? 
Looking forward for any suggestions,
best regards,
                      Elena Govorunova.
Elena.Govoru at vkl.uni-regensburg.de                      

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