mating cell wall mutants

Aubrey B. Cahoon abc6c at darwin.clas.Virginia.EDU
Fri Jan 5 13:55:06 EST 1996

I'm having a problem performing genetic analysis with a cell
wall-less mutant of C. rheinhardtii (CC400G) and would appreciate 
any help that's available.

When I mate CC400G with a wild type walled strain there appears
to be mating and there are tetrads available for dissection.
However, none of the spores germinate.  I'm wondering if there
is any biology peculiar to this or other cell wall-less strains
that would effect spore viability in this manner.  Should I
mate with another cell wall-less strain?

Thanks in advance.

Aubrey Bruce Cahoon
Dept. of Biology
University of Virginia

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