cutting problems.

Anaid Antaramian aantaram at IFCSUN1.IFISIOL.UNAM.MX
Wed Jan 10 10:38:29 EST 1996

Dear chlamydomonas lovers>
   I'm a pHD student at UNAM Mexico, and I have isolated DNA from Chlamydomonas
reinhardtii in order to doo Southern analysis, I can cutt this DNA with
KpnI and Pst, but I have problems with other enzimes, like EcoRI, HindIII,
Bam HI, it would be really helpful if someone can give any hints on what
enzimes are best for southerns with this DNA, and if it is methylated,
how can I avoid the smear signal and get a well defined band, etc.
I work with Polytomella spp DNA too and I have the same problems.
Thanks in advanced.
Anaid Antaramian.

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