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Mitchell, Beth mitchell at MAPLE.LEMOYNE.EDU
Wed Jan 24 15:03:57 EST 1996

Hello all,
I have begun to actually type up my abstract for the Chlamy meeting in May
and have run into something I have a question about.  According to the
directions in the info packet, abstracts are supposed to have a "left hand
margin of 20 mm" as well as fitting into the allotted space.  That
translates to a margin of roughly 0.8 inches on the left,, with a resulting
right hand margin of about 1.2 inches...is that really right?  It seems
that both according to convention, and in looking at the sample abstract
block the left and right hand margins are reversed.  So...before I type a
final copy and send it off to Germany, should I change the left margin to
1.2" or not?

Beth Mitchell 
Beth Ferro Mitchell			Department of Biology
(315) 445-4509 				Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY 13214 
email: mitchell at maple.lemoyne.edu

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