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Tue Jan 30 17:42:29 EST 1996

     As some of you know, for a number of years the National Renewable 
     Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado has been conducting research on 
     the biochemistry and molecular biology of microalgae, particularly 
     diatoms.  Our goal has been to optimize the accumulation of storage 
     lipids in these organisms for production of a diesel fuel substitute, 
     as well as to study the possible role of microalgae in CO2 
     remediation.  Our work has included the study of the biochemistry and 
     molecular biology of lipid accumulation.  We also recently developed a 
     genetic transformation system for diatoms that has been used to 
     introduce additional copies of algal genes into these organisms for 
     overexpression of certain enzymes (J. Phycol., 1995, vol. 31, pp. 
     Unfortunately, due to budget cuts at DOE, our funding is being 
     terminated and the research project shut down.  We are writing this to 
     let the algal research community know what is going on, and to let you 
     know how to reach project personnel. 
     Terri Dunahay (algal transformation, molecular biology) will be 
     leaving as of January 31.  She will not be available by e-mail or 
     phone, but can receive mail at her home address of 2710 Arbor Glen 
     Place, Boulder, CO  80304.
     Paul Roessler (algal molecular biology, biochemistry, transformation, 
     lipid biosynthetic pathways), Eric Jarvis (algal molecular biology and 
     metabolic engineering), and Kate Zeiler (CO2 remediation and algal 
     biochemistry, physiology, culture) will remain at NREL until March 31. 
      Contact information for these individuals is listed below:
     Paul Roessler:
     e-mail: paulr at nrel.gov (until 3/31)
     (303) 384-6253
     Eric Jarvis:
     e-mail: ejarvis at nrel.gov (until 3/31)
     (303) 384-6147
     After 3/31: 3720 Smuggler Place, Boulderm C)  80303
                 (303) 494-1582
     Kate Zeiler: 
     e-mail: zeilerk at nrel.gov (until 3/31)
     (303) 384-6191
     After 3/31: kingd at nrel.gov
     Alternatively, after 3/31, you can contact our administrative 
     assistant, Liz Yanda, at 303-384-4457, and she will put you in touch 
     with the appropriate person.
     Our thanks to everyone for interesting discussions and collaborations, 
     and we wish everyone continued success in their algal endeavors.
     Terri Dunahay, Paul Roessler, Eric Jarvis, and Kate Zeiler Aquatic 
     Species Project
     Applied Biological Sciences
     National Renewable Energy Laboratory 1617 Cole Blvd.
     Golden, CO  80401
     (P.S.  Our apologies if you received this message on several lists; we 
     wanted to reach as many colleagues as possible).

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