Phylogenetic tree (Eduardo)

Noel Magnin nmagnin at GROVE.UFL.EDU
Fri Jul 19 09:23:35 EST 1996


I have been trying to find something like what you are looking for :

> Hello everybody.
> I am currently trying to figure out if there is a software or a 
> website with wich I can make a filogenetic tree (between algae and plants, or 
> just algae data) based on a gene sequence.
> If someone out there knows something useful about this topic, I would 
> highly appreciate any help.
> sincerously
> Eduardo
> Email: bszanlun at genes.bio.puc.cl

The best I could find is to align the sequences using CLUSTAL (GCG-Vax 
system which is available for you I hope) and then to generate a 
"Phylogenetic tree" file with the same program (I think you can use a 
file generated by other programs (see end of message). This file can then 
be read by a program (Treeview for Windows) graciously put on the WWW by 
Roderic D. M. Page from the Univ of Glasgow (UK) at the address 
[http://taxonomy.zoology.gla.ac.uk/rod/rod.html] or close to this 
address. I am not aware of a web site for Phylogenetic trees but if 
anyone is, please let me know.
I hope this helps. 
I have nothing to claim about Treeview except that it is very useful and 
'User-friendly'. I thank the author for making it freely available.

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