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Noel Magnin nmagnin at GROVE.UFL.EDU
Sat Jun 1 18:11:04 EST 1996

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am looking for a Post-doc position in molecular biology and/or biochemi=
stry in a=20
research project on Cyanobacteria or Chlamydomonas. I would prefer in a E=
uropean country=20
(Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain,...).=20
Briefly, my experience is in protein purification (soluble, membrane prot=
enzymology, and some molecular biology (RNA, RT-PCR, DNA, cloning, sequen=
My PhD (University of London, UK, Nov. 95) consisted in the purification =
of a protease=20
responsible for a maturation step of the D1 protein (higher plant photosy=
stem II). I am=20
presently doing a post-doc in molecular biology (higher plant C metabolis=
m) in the US=20
(University of Florida). See CV below

I'll be glad to give more details on my curriculum upon request.
I would like to start this post-doc in Europe (I'm french citizen) as soo=
n as possible=20
after september,1, 96.

Noel Magnin
Botany Dept., Univ. of Florida
220 Bartram Hall
Gainesville 32611 FL., USA
Tel : (352) 392 1891
Fax : (352) 392 3993
e-mail : nmagnin at grove.ufl.edu

Educational Qualifications and Training
June 95 - Present date : Post-doctoral Associate in the Department of Bot=
any, University=20
of Florida. Research involved : Analysis of the induction of a C4-type of=
at the molecular level in the aquatic angiosperm Hydrilla verticillata.=20
June 1991 - November 95 : Postgraduate PhD Student at School of Biologica=
l Sciences,=20
Biochemistry, Royal Holloway (University of London). Subject of Thesis : =
and characterisation of the D1 Protein Processing Protease from Higher Pl=
Supervisor : Professor J. R. Bowyer. Scientific advisor : Dr P.M. Bramley.
September 1989- June 1991 : I was part of a Research Team in the Biochemi=
Department, University of Besan=E7on (France) developing the purification=
 of tonoplast=20
proton pumps in Acer pseudoplatanus, and investigating the regulation of =
these enzymes=20
by divalent cations and phosphorylation. Supervisor : Professor A. Pugin.=
 I was also=20
teacher in secondary schools.
September 1988 - September 1989 : Postgraduate MSc Student at =91Laborato=
ire des=20
Herbicides=92, INRA, Dijon, France. MSc-Thesis title : =91Mode of action =
of Diphenyl-ether=20
type Herbicides=92. Supervisors : Dr. M. Matringe and Dr. R. Scalla.
September 1982 - September 1988 : Undergraduate student at =91Facult=E9 d=
es Sciences et=20
Techniques=92, University of Besan=E7on, France.

Publications :=20
Varsano, R., Matringe, M., Magnin, N., Mornet, R. and Scalla, R. (1990) C=
interaction of three peroxidizing herbicides with the binding of [3H]acif=
luorfen to corn=20
etioplast membranes. FEBS Letters, Vol. 272, 106-108.
Magnin, N. and Bowyer, J. (1992) Preliminary steps in the purification of=
Photosystem II D1 Protein Processing Protease from Maize. Dans `Research =
Photosynthesis', N. Murata (ed.), Vol. II, 211-214.
Bowyer, J.R., Hunt, A., Magnin, N. and McCormack, B.A. (1992) Properties =
and function of=20
the D1 Protein Processing Protease of Photosystem II. Abstract of the con=
ference on=20
=91Molecular Regulation of Chloroplast Functions=92, p. L3, Omiya, Japan.
Magnin, N., Hunt A., Camilleri, R., Thomas, P., Ridley, S. and Bowyer, J.=
R. (1995)=20
Purification and characterisation of the carboxyl-terminal processing pro=
tease of the D1=20
protein of photosystem II from Pisum sativum. Dans =91Photosynthesis: fro=
m light to=20
biosphere=92, P. Mathis (ed), Vol. III, 831-834.
Magnin, N., Camilleri, R. and Bowyer, J.R. (1996) Purification and molecu=
identification of the D1 protein processing protease from Pisum sativum. =
In preparation.
Magnin, N., Reiskind, J. and Bowes, G. (1996) Identification of PEPcarbox=
ylase isoforms=20
in the aquatic angiosperm Hydrilla verticillata. In preparation.

Research experience=20
General : Plant and algae cultures ; subcellular fractionation ; use of r=
Biochemistry : Protein extraction (soluble, membrane) and purification ; =
techniques (SDS and native PAGE, Western blotting) ; enzymology (enzyme=20
characterisation, assay optimisation) ; peptide chromatography (reverse-p=
Molecular biology : RNA, DNA isolation ; primer design and RT-PCR ; RACE =
; sequencing ;=20
Northern and Southern blotting, hybridisation and chemiluminescent detect=
Computers : PC and MacIntosh ; computer operating systems (VAX-VMS, MS-DO=
S, Windows) ;=20
=91software packages=92 (word processing, data acquisition, graphics pack=
ages) ; Genetics=20
related programs (Oligo, DNA strider, Clustal, Treevieew, GCG programs).

Plastid Preview, September 1991, Keele University. Oral communication tit=
=91Preliminary investigation of a diphenyl-ether type herbicide target in=
 maize, the=20
enzyme protoporphyrinogen oxidase=92.
Postgraduate Symposium, September 1991, Royal Holloway, University of Lon=
don,. Oral=20
communication title =91Preliminary characterisation of the D1 protein pro=
cessing protease=20
from maize=92.
Plastid Preview, September 1992, Royal Holloway, University of London. Or=
communication title: =91Purification of the D1 processing protease from m=
Postgraduate Symposium, May 1993, Royal Holloway, University of London,. =
communication title : =91Preliminary steps in the purification of the D1 =
processing protease from maize=92.=20
IXth International Congress on Photosynthesis, August/September 1992, Nag=
oya, Japan,.=20
Poster presentation =91Preliminary steps in the purification of the Photo=
system II D1=20
Protein Processing Protease from Maize=92.
Gordon Conference on Photosynthesis : Biochemical Aspects, New Hampton, N=
ew Hampshire,=20
USA, August 1993. Poster : =91Carboxyl-terminal processing of the D1 prot=
ein of=20
photosystem II : characterisation of the protease and its reaction with f=
ull-length and=20
truncated substrates=92.
Symposium at the School of Biological Sciences on invitation by Professor=
 J. Raven,=20
University of Dundee (U.K.), 7th November 1994. =91Purification and chara=
cterisation of=20
the D1 protein processing protease from higher plants=92.
Xth International Congress on Photosynthesis, August 20-25, 1992 ; Poster=
=91Purification and characterisation of the carboxy-terminal D1 processin=
g protease from=20

Congress attendance
641st Meeting of the Biochemical Society, December 1991, Royal Holloway, =
University of=20
London, U.K.
British Photobiology Society Christmas meeting, December 1991. Polytechni=
c of East=20
London, London (U.K.). AFRC Robert Hill Symposium on Photosynthesis. Marc=
h/April 1992.=20
Imperial College of Science and Technology, London (U.K.).
IXth International Congress on Photosynthesis, August/September 1992, Nag=
oya, Japan.=20

PROFESSOR J.R. BOWYER, School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway, Uni=
versity of=20
London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX, U.K. Tel (+44) 1784 443803  -  Fax (+44)=
 1784 434326
e-mail : J.BOWYER at RHBNC.AC.UK
DOCTOR. R. SCALLA, Laboratoire des X=E9nobiotiques, INRA, BP 3, 31931 Tou=
louse Cedex,=20
Tel (+33) 61 28 53 92  -  Fax (+33) 61 28 52 44
DOCTOR. M. MATRINGE, Rh=F4ne-Poulenc Secteur Agro, 14-20 Rue Pierre Baize=
t, BP 9163, 69263=20
Lyon, Cedex 09, France. Tel (+33) 72 29 25 25  -  Fax (+33) 72 29 27 99=20
PROFESSOR G. BOWES, Botany department, University of Florida, 220 Bartram=
Gainesville, Florida, 32611, U.S.A. Tel (+1) 352 392 1891  -  Fax (+1) 35=
2 392 3993=20
DOCTOR W. FARMERIE, Recombinant Protein Expression Laboratory, M263 Medic=
al Sciences=20
Building, Neurosciences Department, Box 100244, Gainesville, Florida 3261=
0-0244, U.S.A.=20
T=E9l (19 1) 352 392 3862 Fax (19 1) 352 392 4441
e-mail : wgf at biotech.ufl.edu (prefers this mode of communication)

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