Non-CsCl DNA for Southerns

Thu Mar 28 10:40:35 EST 1996

Dear Chlamy Researchers:
   I have been having occasional problems with Chlamy DNA (isolated by various
methods, including some commercially available kits, but not by CsCl density
gradient ultracentrifugation): it always restricts okay, but sometimes degrades
slowly in the refrigerator over time, and sometimes gives "muddy" or smeared
Southern blots.  Undoubtedly the problem is with variable purity of the DNA.
   I know at least a couple of labs are continuing to use CsCl gradient
ultracentrifugation...... but has anyone had good experience getting RELIABLE
DNA preps for Southern blotting from any NON-CsCl method?
   I'd be interesting in hearing about the method(s).  Thanks very much.
-----Peter Luykx
     Dept. of Biology
     Univ. of Miami
     Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.A.

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