Regensburg phone & fax numbers

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at acpub.duke.edu
Thu May 16 08:46:37 EST 1996

The following numbers may be useful for those of you attending the meeting:

    University of Regensburg
    D-93040 Regensburg
    phone: +49-941-943-3162/3075
    fax:   +49-941-943-3163

    University of Regensburg
    phone: +49-941-943-2532
    fax:   +49-941-943-3896

    Hotel Apollo (10 min to campus)
    Neuprull 17
    D-93051 Regensburg
    phone: +49-941-9105-0
    fax:   +49-941-9105-70

    Hotel Ibis  (5 min to station)
    Furtmayerstr. 1
    D-93053 Regensburg
    phone: +49-941-78040
    fax:   +49-941-78045-09

    Diozesanzentrum Obermunster (near City center)
    Obermunsterplatz 7
    D-93047 Regensburg
    phone: +49-941-5681-0
    fax:   +49-941-5681-230
    Note that Sunday and Monday (May 26 and 27) are holidays (Pentecost).
    Therefore guests of Diozesanzentrum need to check in between 18.00
    and 21.00 (6 - 9 pm).

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at acpub.duke.edu

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