Information on growth of chlamydomonas

Elizabeth Harris chlamy at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Wed May 29 07:04:59 EST 1996

>Dear Netters
>I would appreciate if anyone could send me any info regarding the carbon
>sources that can be used by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii other than acetate and \

According to Sager and Granick 1953 (Ann. New York Acad. Sci. 56, 831-838),
only acetylmethyl carbinol, monacetin and acetylmethyl acetate supported
growth of C. reinhardtii in the dark, and these were much less effective
than sodium acetate.  The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook p. 222 lists a large
number of other compounds that were nontoxic but did not support growth,
including various hexose sugars, glycerol, ethanol, formate, and
intermediates of the citric acid cycle.

If anyone has some more recent information, I'd be interested in hearing
about it.

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at acpub.duke.edu

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