Phone,Fax and E-mail changes

M.Dinant M.Dinant at
Thu Sep 12 09:07:57 EST 1996

      Dear Chlamy Netters,
 We inform you of the new Phone and Fax numbers and  new E-mail addresses
that will be applied from 15th september for the following people working in
the laboratory of Genetics at the University of Liege:

Rene Matagne: phone: ( 32 ) 4 3663820
                      E-mail: rf.matagne at
Roland Loppes: phone: (32 ) 4 3663823
                      E-mail: r.loppes at
Claire Remacle: phone: (32 ) 4 3663812
                      E-mail: c.remacle at
Monique Dinant: phone: ( 32 ) 4 3663824
                      E-mail: m.dinant at
The Fax number is the same for all of us: ( 32 ) 4 3663840

                                Monique Dinant

Monique Dinant
Departement de Botanique B-22
Universite de Liege
Sart Tilman
B-4000 Liege

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