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Tue Dec 9 11:59:16 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

        Please find below an announcement for the next Jacques Monod
Conference on the Regulation of Photosynthesis, to be held in Aussois
(France) in early June 1998.
        Those who are interested in attending the meeting should contact me
before March 1998. FAW

Jacques Monod Conference

 Aussois (France), 8-12 Juin 1998
Chair : Francis-Andre Wollman (Paris). Co-Chair Werner Kuehlbrandt=

Particular attention will be given to the regulation of photosynthesis gene
expression, the structure and biogenesis of antenna proteins and cytochrome
complexes, the role of alternative or branched pathways of electron transfer
in photosynthetic membranes.

Invited speakers: K. Apel (Zurich), C. Astier (Gif/Yvette), R. Bassi
(Verona), P. Bennoun (Paris), E. Berry (Berkeley), D. Bryant (Penn State
Univ.), J.-M. Camadro (Paris), R. Cogdell (Glasgow), W. Cramer (West
Lafayette), A. Crofts (Urbana), F. Daldal (Philadelphia), M.
Goldschmidt-Clermont (Geneva), J. Gray (Cambridge), A. Grossman (Stanford),
J. Houmard (Paris), J.-P. Jacquot (Paris), P. Joliot (Paris), D. Kirilovsky
(Paris), S. Merchant (Los Angeles), W. Nietschke (Marseille), P. Nixon
(London), I. Ohad (Jerusalem), H. Paulsen (Mainz), J.-L. Popot (Paris), S.
Purton (London), G. Schuster (Haifa), P. Setif (Saclay), D. Stern (Ithaca),
A. Vermeglio (Cadarache), P. Westhoff (Duesseldorf).

Number of additional participants : 60
Speakers and selected applicants should be present for the duration of the
whole Conference
Conference fee, 4000FF covering registration, accomodation and full board
during the meeting ; reduced fee for students, 2800FF

Applications should be sent to F.-A. Wollman, IBPC, 13 rue P&M Curie, 75005
Paris, France or by Email to Wollman at ibpc.fr. They should include a  brief
curriculum vitae and an abstract for poster presentation. Deadline for
application : February 27,  1998. For more information please contact,  Mrs
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