Measuring respiration of algae

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Features 0.2 ul of O2/h sensitivity.
Applications of this new O2/CO2 Respirometer (Micro_Oxymax)
cover monitoring  bioremediation of oil, creozote, plastics etc.
Measuring UV oxidation of polymers.  Oxidation of oils, fats and food
Photosynthesis of algae, plants in water or air. Testing toxicity of
pollutants using bacteria cultures. Testing antibiotics and antioxidants.
Respiration of insects, fish and animals. Growth of bacteria ,cells ,
tissue, and fungi in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

1 to 80 measuring chambers unlimited size with air head space  50ml to
10L. Sensitivity: 0.2 ug O2/h. Continuous months long operation. Periodic
air refresh.  Can operate in other then air atmospheres.  Features both
open closed system as well as open flow modes of operation. In closed mode
gas from the head space is recirculated through very sensitive 0.001% gas
analyzers and returned back to the measuring chamber. In the open flow
mode measured amount of fresh air (or other gas) is supplied continuously
to the chambers and depletion or increase in the gas content is measured
on the outputs of the chambers. Open flow mode is used for measuring
processes with high metabolic rate such as : measuring respiration of
compost, sludge or fermentation using open air flow principle..
Principle of operation:  Single set of O2,CO2 (CO, NH3,H2,H2S, CH4 )
sensors in close loop with chambers periodically scans and samples the
head gas in the test chambers. while computer  calculates depletion of O2
and  production CO2 in g or ug of gas /h or ml or ul of gas /h.
Contact me with your street address if you are interested in receiving
more information and papers regarding its applications in microbiology.
Jan Czekajewski, Ph.D.
janczek at aol.com

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